Assisi - La Bottega dei Sapori

What a great place! I visited La Bottega dei Sapori twice during my visit to Assisi in June 2014. Located on Piazza del Comune (a few doors down from the Temple Minerva. During one visit, I had a great sampling of local meats and cheeses with a delicious glass of wine - recommended by the shopkeeper - I even ended up buying the bottle. There is a charming, little wine tasting room in the back that offers a great place to taste some awesome wines. Another day, I stopped in for a sandwich. Again, delicious - made with fresh ingredients. The prices were very reasonable.

Posted by Barb
Central Florida
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I agree. I forgot how I found this place. I think I was looking for something else. Later, my husband told me it was in the RS guidebook. The owner, I think his name is Fabrizio, is quite the charming salesman. His samples worked. I went back with my husband and child. We ended up buying quite a few deli goodies and had them shipped home. It was my splurge for the trip. If I had more time in Assisi, I would have bought a bottle of wine to drink. The porchetta sandwiches are excellent and large. I will miss this place. In addition to porchetta, you can have a food platter made and take it to your Inn to eat. I learned this too late. I loved Assisi and hope I get a second chance to visit here.