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3 $ lodging in Florence near Duomo

Headed to Florence mid May 2020 and would welcome opinions on lodging in Florence.
Mid priced for 2 people and centrally located on the north side of the river.
Thanks in advance.

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crcuellar, its best to spell out a price range you consider mid-price and see what people say. It means different things to different people.

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crcuellar, what is your desired price range in € (Euros) per night?
"3 $" doesn't mean anything to us.

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We like being slightly away from tourist center( Duomo) so liked Hotel J&J in Santa Croce neighborhood. It is a restored building with charm. Easy walk to crowded Duomo area.

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Only the fifth post received a personally directed response. The previous posts were trying to be helpful by establishing what the OP regards as mid priced (my initial reaction was lodging for $3!) yet only Suki receives a thank you! It's times like this when you wonder whether you can be bothered to help people out or not.

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@JC, many years ago I saw a copy of an old guide book "Europe on 5 dollars per day". Maybe the OP is working from this?

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I think Rick's guidebooks used to classify hotels into catgories like this. But at the present time, there's no reason to suggest a hotel when we don't know if it's in the OP's price range.

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Rick's guidebooks aren't exactly specific, but the $ symbol is used to indicate price range for both lodging and restaurants.

$ Budget to $$$$ Splurge. I'm guessing that this is what the OP means by "3 $". Attaching specific local currency to that is another matter.

The inside front cover of the 2020 Ireland guidebook has the numbers below and the ranges are pretty broad. The ranges for other countries are probably different, but I don't have another guidebook for comparison.

$$$$ Splurge: Most rooms over €170/£140
$$$ Pricier: €130-170/£110-140
$$ Moderate: €90-130/£80-110
$ Budget: €50-90/£50-80

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Thank you NickB.
We did look at that hotel but have chosen another.
Thanks also for the museum tip.
No more input needed for this post.
Now it’s on to planning Tuscany!