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Yea or Nay Gap of Dunloe trap and boat tours

For those that have experienced the Gap of Dunloe during peak tourist time, would you recommend the full day tour with pony and trap, then boat? We would drive to Kate Kearneys. We arent too sure if we should dedicate a day to this...thank you

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I did it a long time ago in college and really enjoyed it. But it may have changed since those pre-Celtic tiger days. I'm sure you'll hear from someone who's been more recently, but I do recall the scenery being nice, and how often do you get to travel by pony trap? Not too often! :)

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I also did it a long time ago, and it was a boat trip across the lake first then the jaunting car. It was April, and the water level was quite high, and at one point we all had to get out of the boat on one side of a bridge, hook a rope to the boat and tow it upstream under the bridge (the water was running too fast under the bridge. Once across the lake four of us were taking the jaunting car (and I noticed the price went up a couple of euros from the price that was given to us before we boarded the boat). We were asked to get out of the car and walk up one particularly steep part of the hill as the pony would have had trouble with all of us in the cart. But, it was all great fun in the end, and we were all soaking wet because it rained at least half of the trip. The scenery was great.

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We just got back from a tour of Ireland last week. The Gap of Dunloe was a big highlight. It would try to go when it is not raining. It is beautiful, the boat ride is fun as is the horse and cart. We were asked to get out of the boat to see some ruins, while they pulled the boat around a corner, and to get out of the cart where it was slippery for the horse. These things were not hardships. I would not try to drive on the gap of Dunloe. It is very narrow and dangerous to add a car to the horses, the walkers and the bicycilists. You will either do the horse first and then the boat or vis versa, they decide. Both are great.