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Woman traveling alone

I am a very young 72 year old professional woman who will be traveling alone for one week each in Dublin and London in September. I am hoping to converse with a male before that who lives in those cities and maybe share a meal or two while there. Serious interest welcome.

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Welcome to the travel forum, I hope you will use this resource to assist you in trip planning.

It is not usually a place where people find dates, although there is a section for finding travel companions. I would suggest using an internet dating site that covers the target geographic locations.

I hope you have a wonderful trip.

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There is a Travel Partners section on this forum, however it might not reach your targeted i terest audience. Also, this is a much more US centred membership making it even more difficult.
Consider looking at interest groups located in those cities via Meetup website. It isn't a date site, but it might be worthwhile looking for some event with an interest of yours that might allow meeting someone local, or see if you can find some Senior's centre that offers some event for socializing. If you do something like ballroom dancing, you may find an opportunity to attend a social dance there.