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Woman's Walking/Hiking Shoe Suggestion

My wife is looking for suggestions on a good walking/hiking shoe for our trip to Ireland in September. She has only ever owned sneakers and I told her she needs something better.

Any suggestions ?


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The Salomon x-ultra is a comfortable, low hiking shoe that is waterproof. For lots of walking, this is the type of shoe I wear. I had a foot issue and my podiatrist recommended this type of footware because of the stiff sole.

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Most of those on offer at Clarks, Merrell, etc. will work. Key is to get them well ahead of time and break them in thoroughly.

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Keen's Koven Waterproof hiking shoe. Costly but worth every penny for comfort, durability and how light weight they are.

My first pair, which I still wear, have been to Italy, Ireland, England, Cuba and Istanbul and endure my daily morning hike up to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. AS the weather gets better here in LA I will switch over to my Keen Newport Sandals to climb the hills of Griffith Park.

LOVE Keens. Have 8 pairs.

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Is there a REI store or similar outdoors-oriented place near you ? Walk Shop ? Experienced sales staff can guide you to shoes that fit your feet and the amount of walking you plan to do, including water-resistance.

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FYI--there is a forum devoted to walking shoes for travel--check the drop down menu under trips and trip reports. For what it's worth, on our first trip to Ireland I wore slip on Merrills and on our second trip to Ireland (and Scotland) where we did a LOT of walking I wore slip on Sketchers. Both were perfectly comfortable and sufficiently sturdy.

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I swear by my Ahnu Montara boots. I wear them on pavement, cobblestones, rocks, mud, wet grass, well anywhere. They are waterproof, but breathe and come in many colors. I have 2 pair, one in navy and one in gray. I can walk miles and be on my feet for hours in them, but I do like to switch to something different at night if possible.

I need the higher, lace-ups to support my ankles and keep my heel in the back of the boot. I wear a half-size smaller in them and they oddly make my feet look smaller than my similar low tops.

They can be tried on at REI or other similar stores and bought in a number of places online.

Whatever she chooses, it should be waterproof. It's wet in Ireland.

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Hi Clam, I'd suggest that your wife go to a good shoe store and have someone measure and fit her for a pair of shoes. After experimenting with several pairs I did that a few weeks ago and discovered that I was wearing the wrong size. They recommended a New Balance walking shoe that seems to fit the bill. Good luck!

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For a good pair, I would google "lightweight hiking shoes" and see what recommendations come up. You also might go to your local shop and ask for suggestions or you can see this website here for a list of best reviewed hiking shoes:

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May I suggest that she have two good pair of shoes? You're feet will be happy for a break to a different pair after a couple of days of lots of walking. I took Keen's, Nike's and a pair of Clark's for nicer occasions.

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Blundstones! Stylish enough for around the city, practical enough for short hikes and exploring. They are made of one continuous piece of leather meaning no water leakage. I wear these at home in Vancouver where it rains all the time and couldn't be happier. They are also have amazing customer service and care! Do it, seriously.

In Canada:
In the US: