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Will Ireland be open to US tourists by June 2022

I booked lodging for family of nine last Fall but have not booked flights due to Covid concerns. Canceling flights, testing positive while in Ireland and being quarantined, makes us nervous. We hope to spend 17 days in Ireland and we will travel by car from east coast to west. There are nine of us in family and this is a big trip for us. We want to see Ireland the right way…singing dancing talking with the wonderful Irish. Any advice?

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Nobody knows, but things seem to be moving in the directions of countries relaxing requirements.

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Sorry, I do not have the link, but yesterday I read that Ireland, like the UK, had opened up to travelers that had their Covid shots.

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If you're vaccinated you could go there right now, but you'd need a negative test within a day before flying back to the US (as required by the US government). The test would not be difficult to arrange, including at the airport. In Ireland you would have to follow their rules about masking and other behavior, which don't seem any more restrictive than in well-governed US states.

I'm planning a trip in late May/early June, so I'm optimistic about the future. But of course no one knows for sure. if testing positive and being quarantined there makes you nervous, then actually getting infected and perhaps seriously ill should make you more nervous. You have to balance risk and reward for yourselves. I would suggest getting flights that you can change or convert to vouchers without penalty (they're available now), and making car and hotel reservations that you can cancel on short notice without payment.