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Will I make my flight?...Question about busing from Galway to Shannon Airport.

I want to spend the last night of my trip in Galway. My flight departs on a Friday at 11:00 am. There is a bus that departs 7:05a and arrives at 8:49a. That should give me a 2 hr 10 min window to get to the flight. That should work...right?


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If the bus arrives directly at the airport terminal, and provided there are no unforeseen delays, then you should be OK. Call me paranoid but I would lose sleep over a connection that's that tight. I would spend the day in Galway, take the bus to Shannon/Limerick the night before, and then relax & sleep in a bit before heading to the airport to catch my flight the next morning. Travel days are stressful enough without injecting an added stress factor into the mix (IMHO).

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Remember, if flying to the USA, you will also have to go through US Customs and Immigration at Shannon airport. That will add a bit of time to the check-in process.

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Ok, I'm convinced.

I'm either going to keep my rental for the duration of my trip (instead of returning it in Galway) and drive to the airport in the early morning hours. OR, I'll get an airport hotel the night before. Thanks!!