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will I have time to catch this train??

I land in Dublin from the US at 0850, I need to catch a train to Killarney. The train leaves Hueston Station at 1100. Is there enough time for this to work? I will have to clear customs and collect my bags. Is the Airlink or the taxi faster?


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I land in Dublin from the US at 0850

IF you land on time....

Best case scenario is a 20 minute transit from airport to Heuston Station after all the entry formalities and luggage retrieval

I would not be able to sit on a plane 8+ hours wondering/hoping there were no snags at the destination.

Definitely need to have a 'plan b' in place in case you arrive at train station at 1110.

How many in your party? any mobility issues?

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Its just my wife and I, we are fit and we can move quickly. We also travel a lot so we are pretty experienced. Last time we flew into Dublin from Edinburgh, I can’t remember how long customs took. Worse case scenario, we will take the next train or bus to Killarney. We have no deadline to get to Killarney as we are going to Hike the Kerry Way, but the hike doesn’t start until the next day.

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I'd say you'd be pushing it. You'll land maybe a bit early, but you've got to taxi to the gate, wait for the door to open, wait for a plane full of people to be herded off. If you're collecting bags, there's another wait for the bags to wander their way from the plane to the baggage belt. I'd say all that is a minimum of 30 minutes from landing time to Stamp My Passport time.

Immigration/Passport control can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes depending on which travel gods have been prayed to that day. Then there's the journey to the train station which will take about 45 minutes according to Rome2Rio. Once at the station, you'll have to collect your wits after all that rushing to figure out which platform you need, and then get to the platform.

So, with all that, I can't imagine having enough time unless you are incredibly lucky.

Another option besides the train (which looks like it only runs once daily to Killarney), is to hop the bus (Dublin Coach 750 or 726) at the airport to what's called the Red Cow Luas station (an easy and comfy 20 minute ride). From there, there's an hourly bus (Dublin Coach 300) to Killarney. You can look up your options at