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Whiskey in my carry-on?

I've done research, and have found an array of answers. If I buy a bottle at the airport, after security check, can I bring it on my flight with me? I have a direct flight to San Francisco, so no connections.

I don't want to buy a good bottle, only to have to surrender it.

Thank you.

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If it's a direct flight and you are making no changes prior to your ultimate destination then you are able to carry on any items, including all liquid's, that have been purchased beyond security. I've done this many, many times with no problems apart from the one occasion when I forgot that we were not on a direct flight. That was an expensive mistake.

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Dublin may be different. I understand you go through US immigration and customs before boarding. I would hazard a guess that you'll have shopping opportunities after security because the locals would want to enable that last-minute shopping. Since it's a yes/no decision at the airport, you could surely get the answer on the spot before you buy.

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A direct flight for any liquid purchased after security is not an issue as long as you do not need to go through security again. If you buy in Duty-Free though, most airports will put it in a secure bag, sometimes will transfer it to your departure gate and you pick it up as you board. That secure bag, as long as it is not tampered with, is able to go through security, exempt from the 3-1-1.

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Why does this thread's title (sans questionmark) sound like a country-western song? :)

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Thanks all, I really appreciate the assistance. All I have to do now is figure out which one to buy, I've heard good things about the Jameson Signature Reserve. For obvious reasons, want to buy something that is not available in the US.

Yes, perhaps it could be a hit single...LOL

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Groundhog -

If you're flying out of Dublin you're going to be in heaven! The whiskey section in the airport is gigantic, and has many, many local Irish brands! Glendalough, Writer's Tears, Dingle...... there are many! If you want REALLY good Middleton has a great rep - I've just never spent more than 30 on a glass of whisky and I'm not starting now! ;-) It's very "dear" as they say, here.

I'm not sure about Shannon but my neighbor flies through there alot. I do know that it is much, much, much smaller than Dublin so I doubt they have a place as big.

Speaking of Dublin Airport -- if you have a bit of time, Marqette restaurant has an amazing area. They buy local Irish produce, they have organics, they have rush items and take your time items, and this past year won BEST AIRPORT CAFE IN THE WORLD!!! I have a layover there Monday, I'll beeline right to Marqette! (flying Kerry Airport to Dublin to Heathrow to Dulles..... sigh.....)

Expat living in Ireland

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Susan, I will be flying out of Dublin on Monday, and will have some time to look around, as my brother has an earlier flight.

I'm probably looking at getting a bottle for <$100, should be good enough I suppose.

Thanks for the tip!


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Teeling in Dublin has some great whiskeys. Not sure if they are at the airport though since we flew home from Edinburgh not Dublin.