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Which Direction for American Drivers?


We're planning to make a circuit of Ireland this summer by car and, though we've been to England years ago, it's been a long time since we've driven on the other side of the road. We know that a lot of the country roads go along seaside cliffs and wanted to ask if anyone has found driving along the cliffs to be especially nerve-wracking for a less-familiar driver or no big deal. That might affect whether we go north from Dublin towards Belfast and make our circuit that way or start out southward instead. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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My husband did all the driving but he did't mind either way. As the passenger, I found i more nerve wracking when I was on the cliff side and feeling like I was so close to the edge. The views were worth it though

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I too live in the City of Angels and suspect a bit older than you.

I've driven the island twice. Once with a clutch and once with an automatic.

Never felt frightened or unnerved along Slea Head, through The Burren, into and out of both Belfast and Dublin, over the Gap of Dunloe, through the Sally Gap, and on wee back roads.

Simply be prepared for roundabouts, hedges, bikers, traps, farm equipment, sheep and tour buses.

The highways are a breeze.

Slow down, have a good map ( as in old school map) and understand the difference between miles and kilometers.

Enjoy your visit. Gorgeous country, wonderful people.

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If you are planning drive time with online maps add 25% to the given times. For the majority of the time it was needed in our 2 week loop of the island.

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You might consider doing part of your holiday using trains and coaches. They are excellent in Ireland, and it is so relaxing to just sit back and watch the view instead of worrying about directions and the "wrong" side of the road.