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Where to spend the night on the way from Dublin to Dingle

Hello, my husband and I are renting a car in Dublin in early October and plan to drive to Dingle but are asking advice on where to stay for a night along the way. We are planning a detour to see the Grange Stone Circle near Holycross and visiting Kilmallock. We have thought about spending the night in Adare or Tralee or perhaps Castlemaine. Does anyone have any advice or preferences? Thanks

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Wow--that's a long one, even on the highway. Patience is the name of the game traveling the roads to the smaller locales. Thirty miles could take your 1 1/2 to make the distance, depending on the road obstacles. Having been to both Adare & Tralee, I'd choose Adare, named the "prettiest village in all of Ireland" several years in a row. There's a great heritage information center there & reminiscent of the old Disney movies, "Darby O'Gill & the Little People" with thatched-roof houses. Very friendly place. The hotels are more limited than Tralee, but if you want to splurge, the newly renovated Adare Manor is fabulous. Not sure about Dingle in October & what's still open/closed, but the peninsula is a beautiful drive, albeit pretty windy. You might want to check out Kinsale as an alternative to Dingle, again doing some homework to see what's opened/closes & limited hours.

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We've been to Dingle in October and its wonderful. Would go there over Kinsale (a nice place) hands down every time. Dingle is fantastic.

As to where to stay I agree on Adare over Tralee. Adare is a really pretty town and has a quiet magical feel to it. Tralee we liked as well but for us it didn't have the same level of charm. Plus Adare is about a 3- 3.5 hour drive and is a lot less of a haul.

Have fun and enjoy Dingle .... it's awesome.