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Where should I go in Ireland next?

Hey everyone,

American study abroad student in Ireland and I've been here since January. I've traveled all throughout Germany, Italy, and the UK since I've been here, but I haven't traveled too much in Ireland. I've been to places like Glendalough, Wicklow, Belfast, Giant's Causeway, all throughout Dublin, Galway, and the Aran Islands, but that is about it.

I only have about a week and a half left of available time to travel and I want to know what destinations you think are a must-see for me. I love castles and buildings and historical artifacts and what not, but no disrespect to the Irish or Ireland, but I've already seen that stuff throughout Italy, Germany, and the UK. I want beautiful and picturesque places, the ocean, green, etc. I was looking into going to Cork for two days and one night, and take a PaddyWagon tour of the Dingle Peninsula or the Ring of Kerry for one day. Which is more picturesque?

Above all, which places do I NEED to do in Ireland before I leave? Thanks so much everyone!

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I think the Ring of Kerry may be a bit more scenic. Dingle town has a nice combination of a nice little town and the scenic drives. Had a wonderful time going to all the pubs. Some were great conversation, some great sing songs. Visit Johnny Foxes if you go.

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Killarney and the national park, Gap of Dunloe, and as Mary said, the Ring of Kerry or Dingle Peninsula. I really enjoyed the boat trip across the lake then the jaunting car through the Gap. The day I did the Dingle trip the weather was quite bad, and made it difficult to get good photos, but I still enjoyed it. Saw some beehive huts, and the Galarus Oratory. You couldn't go wrong with either.

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The Burren is a truly unique area of stark beauty. In the spring, you'll find many wild flowers in the fissures in the limestone--it's the ideal time to go.

If you enjoyed Glendalough, I recommend you visit Clonmacnoise. It's a larger monastic complex and much less crowded than Glendalough. I found it much easier to grasp the spirit of the place--we had areas to ourselves to enjoy the quiet.

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I think Dingle is a must see in Ireland. Have been to Ring of Kerry twice and four times to Dingle and going back again in October. We had a car so can't tell you what the tour takes in but anyway it would be worth it to see Dingle.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland to learn about the troubles and the Titanic. From there to the wonderous Giant's Causeway.

Whole heartedly agree about the Dingle and Slead Head, Gap of Dunloe, and Killarney National Park. The climb to a Celtic Cross near Coumeenoole Beach provides (in good weather) a stunning view of the Blasket Islands and the West Coast of Eire.