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What to wear around Cork area in the mid July?

I do know that Ireland's weather is like a lady's mood - unpredictable, but still can someone give me a general idea what to wear /bring when traveling around Cork in the mid of July? Shorts, long pants, long sleeves, short sleeves, dress, or no dress?

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Our weather is notoriously unpredictable - to the point that you can have four seasons in one day!. Layers are the way to go generally, so a vest top/t-shirt, cardigan and light jacket for example. It always pays to have an umbrella or rain slicker to hand. I would suggest a mix of long pants in light to mid fabrics (you don't need winter pants), skirts/dresses, possibly a pair of shorts or two if room allows, the aforementioned vests/t-shirts, cardigans, light jumpers etc. It shouldn't get TOO cold (famous last words!) but it will get cooler in the evenings.

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If you plan on visiting the Cork castle to kiss the Blarney stone, don't wear a dress. They flip you backwards to kiss the stone.
So wear pants or some sort of leggings. :)