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What to Pack for Mid June


I'm doing an 8 day tour in mid June - No idea what kind of clothes to pack -any suggestions would be welcome

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Be prepared to manage rain and relatively mild temperatures (at least from my perspective). Layers of light clothing are your friends. Wool products and me are simpatico.

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Layers - pack layers.

Expect cold and warm, dry and wet.

Since I don't know where you are from, I don't know which temperatures you are used to, so I can't recommend specific clothes.

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Check the weather just before you leave. It’s far too early to say now what it will be like. There could be a heatwave or it could be cold and wet. Layers is the way to go.

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Shoes with really good traction, preferably waterproof.

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Thank You

I am from Canada - so I have a wardrobe for all weather !

I have already got a great waterproof jacket.

I'm wondering if I'll need anything for the evenings - I don't think I'll need a dress or anything like that ..... thoughts ?