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What to do with luggage after arrival but before check-in at Airbnb and an itinerary question

This is our first trip to Ireland. I should also add we are somewhat neophyte European travelers. We land in Dublin at 9 am after an overnight flight out of JFK. We can't check in to our Airbnb until 4 pm. Since we're not using a hotel, there isn't the option to simply ask for our luggage to be held for us. Any other suggestions other than wheeling the dang stuff around with us all day?

Second question: We have five nights booked in Kenmare during which time we plan to explore both the Ring of Kerry and the Dingle Peninsula along with other local sights. We will be driving back to Dublin at the end of our stay in Kenmare with no other overnights planned. If we got up and left Kenmare early is it reasonable to consider first driving north to the Cliffs of Moher and then on to Dublin or is that too much for one day?

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Sometimes AirBnB will hold luggage or let you drop it off after the other guest checks out....though it means trusting their cleaners in the rooms with your luggage. Ask your host what options there are. I once left my luggage at a pub that ran a luggage storage business nwar the train station in Salsibury England. It was 2 or 3 British Pounds.

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We have stated at B&B Hotels with staff that would keep an eye on our left bags or hotels with luggage rooms. Your Airbnb may have an on-site host who likes to chat and could help, or may be one of those Airbnbs with a lock box for the key and you never see a human. You should correspond with the Airbnb person and ask for suggestions as to what to do with the bags.

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We used the Tipperary House in Dublin to store luggage for a few hours. 7 Parkgate Street. It's near Heuston Station and an Airlink bus stop. Check out other luggage storage options on Trip Advisor. Enjoy Ireland!

Tipperary House 7 Parkgate Street Opp. Heuston Train Station, Dublin Ireland
011 353 1 907 9317

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I believe the drive up to the cliffs of mohr from Kenmare and then drive to Dublin would be too much for me for one day. Arriving after dark in Dublin and trying to return a rental car would be a stretch after a long day of driving and hiking out to the Cliffs of Mohr. Be sure to take in the Cliffs of Kerry, IMO every bit as awesome as the Cliffs of Mohr! Also I would suggest a self driving tour of the more laid back Beara Peninsula while staying in Kenmare. A great way to take a break from driving and soak in the sights on the RofK would be to hire a private guide for a day. We loved our private tour with Paul Brown. He picked us up at our B&B in Kenmare for a full days tour of the ring and he helped us plan our self drive the next day around the more rural, beautiful Beara Penin.

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This will be of no use, since it happened 20 years ago, but we arrived in Cahir by bus, too early to check in at our B & B, but stopped by the Tourist Information Office (which was no bigger than a NYC newstand at the time,) for maps, etc.
We learned that we'd time to make a bus to the Rock of Cashel, but didn't want to lug our stuff and were at a loss since there were no lockers - oh, don't give it a thought, said the lovely lady at the office, any of the shops across the street will be that happy to let you leave your things behind their counter for the day.
And she was right - and they wouldn't take payment for the favor!
Not sure I'd ever have done that in the US. (Not sure anyone would have offered...)

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Hi Maria,

I'm in the same situation as you. As someone posted above, BagBnB is an option. Another option is an app called Stasher:

It seems to have good reviews though I can't personally vouch for it as I have yet to make my trip. That being said, the location I opted to leave my luggage at is a hotel - a place accustomed to safely storing luggage. I'd rather leave my luggage there than my Airbnb before I check-in.

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Thank you, all! We found a business just steps from the airport bus drop-off and about a two minute walk from our Airbnb. I love this community of travelers!