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What to do in Dublin when your flight arrives at 5am!?!?

My husband and I are flying to Dublin from Newark, NJ, arriving at 5am. We can't check in to our airbnb until 2pm. What do we do until 9am when things in the city start to open? Take a nap in the airport?

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I'm tempted to say, "head for the pub!" but seriously, maybe find a place for a nice, relaxing, long breakfast, then enjoy the fresh air and wander a bit sightseeing while you try to stay awake.

This is a common issue for those landing in Europe after a redeye from North America. It certainly helps if you can get some sleep on your flight over.

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I am in a similar situation arriving at 5 a..m. into Dublin on a Sunday. After resting in the airport for an hour or so until taking the Airlink Shuttle (starts at 6:30 on Sunday), we are planning on breakfast at O'Neill's Pub which I see opens at 8 a.m. on Sunday for breakfast. From there, we are looking to store our luggage at a tourist office, then hopping on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus for a full loop, dozing as necessary before checking into our AirBnB at 12:30. If we are up for an activity before checking in, I think hanging out in St Stephens Green or maybe even visiting the Little Museum of Dublin sounds like good options for us.

If anyone else has other ideas or recommendations for luggage storage, I'd love to hear them.

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I had the exact same situation flying from NYC to Palermo last year. I got in before 6 AM and there was no wait for luggage. I did go straight to my hotel and they stored my bags and offered me coffee/ rolls and a place to sit and regroup until daylight. Then, I dug out my camera and walked about the city (things did not start rolling there until 10 AM) but it acclimated me to the neighborhood where my hotel was. I did stop for another coffee. Then, I wandered some more and had an early lunch and it was time to check-in! Good luck and hope you enjoy your trip.

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Thanks everyone! Some great suggestions. Can't wait to be in Dublin!!!