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What size car for 5?

Any suggestions on what size rental car we'll need for 4 Americans & an Irish driver?
We plan on packing light (carry-on luggage only), as I understand the car trunks are very small. Still, the driver will have luggage, too.

We'de like to be comfortable.

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5 adults, or are you talking 3 adults and a few young children? If 5 adults with 1 carry-on each (plus assuming each is also going to have 1 other small personal item - like a day pack, tote bag or purse) and you are driving in that car for more than 1-2 hours a day and you want to be comfortable, then you need a mini van. At the very least, a very large SUV (like an Escalade).

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I would look at minivans. We has an SUV last summer for 2 adults and 2 kids and regular size luggage and it was a tight fit.

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Yes, we will be two older women, 60's ( not thin), a 53 yr. old man and his 18 yr old son, and our 50 yr old Irish Driver....all adults.

Thanks so much for your advice on this. I hate to spend the extra money, but comfort is key to enjoying the week.

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We rented a van at the Dublin airport a few yrs ago.... it had 2 bucket seats and then 2 bench seats, said it would transport 8.....only if the average weight was 100 pounds. It was perfect for 6 people and plenty of room for luggage. We were there in October and several days were damp and drizzled. The floor was the same style for a delivery van, and was slicker than snot when damp, which was always. So think thru your footwear carefully. We had no issues with parking or anything else related to increased size.