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vegetarian meals in Ireland

I am traveling to Ireland next year with vegetarians who will eat fish. Will it be problematic to find places to eat?

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there is much fish and shell fish to be had in Ireland...... 15 yrs ago I remember a lot of quiche and tart like things on menus......on my most recent trip I did not see that as often.....could be the kind of places we used.....

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I had no problem getting lots of good vegetarian food for almost 3 weeks, all over the country. Lunch was often a big bowl of thick vegetable soup (every pub seems to have it) with brown soda bread and butter. I must admit the side veggies at dinner were mostly potatoes and carrots (in August, so it wasn't a seasonal thing). Lots and lots of choices for breakfast too.

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Lunch each day for us in western Ireland involved seafood chowder at a local pub. As we moved south, the recipe changed, with different fish and vegetables. Peas appeared farther south. Clearly, none of these chowders were from a can! A renowned fish smoking operation in Lisdoonvarna makes great smoked salmon, and we had it morning, noon, and night in area restaurants and B&Bs.

Also at breakfast, Irish oat porridge was an unexpected treat, creamier and more flavorful than the regular rolled oats here in the USA.

We also learned that the Irish take their potatoes seriously, and there are dozens of varieties. Some are used for specific dishes, and there are seasons for certain varieties. We were there in June, and people were excited that the Queen Potatoes were just coming to market.

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If you'll be in Dublin, there's a very good restaurant called The Farm, and they have several vegetarian items on the menu. Good for lunch or a nice dinner out. They even made quinoa taste good! They have meats as well.
As stated by others, seafood is everywhere. In Dingle check out Out of the Blue and Lord Baker's. If in Belfast, it's the seafood chowder at Mourne's.

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Most people who follow a pescetarian diet (they aren't really vegetarians if they eat seafood) are also pretty lenient about eating eggs and dairy products. If your friends have a strict "no dairy or eggs" policy, the variety of things to eat may become a bit narrower as they won't be eating certain breads baked with eggs, chowders that are made with milk, etc. Tons of seafood all over Ireland - from greasy fish and chips shops to some pretty high end restaurants. They should, however, speak up and ask questions of the waiter when ordering. My boyfriend is also a pescetarian and at a number of pubs has been told that the vegetable soup had chicken or beef bouillon in the broth. Check - although their listings aren't the only places you'll find offering veg-friendly dining throughout Ireland - they will find even in some of the smaller towns some ethnic dining options that are great for those who don't eat meat (Indian, Thai, Chinese restaurants and take away shops).