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Use of ATM Card

Sorry but need to be very specific about using an ATM next month in Scotland and Ireland.

In past trips to Scotland and Ireland we have used our bank's ATM card (not a debit card) to withdrawal cash from ATMs and all worked.

Rick's current travel books and forum state to use our "debit" card at ATMs.

Want to make sure we can use our ATM card as usual and not a debt card in Scotland and Ireland.

Thanks for clarification and again need to be very specific.

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Semantics. Most ATM cards are debit cards. I suppose there are ATM cards that are not debit cards, but I am not familiar with them. An ATM card without the "Visa" or "Mastercard" logo may not work overseas, as those are the networks they connect to in order to process the transaction.

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Just as a precaution, check with your bank and credit card companies to see if you need to put a travel alert on your account(s). Some banks require it, some don't, and some waiver back and forth. If they require it and you you don't notify them, they may see the foreign transaction, suspect fraud, and shut down access to your credit and ATM Debit cards.

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I use an ATM (non debit capable) card. My success ratio for obtaining cash everywhere I’ve traveled internationally including Scotland and Ireland has been 100%. I specifically request non-debit ATM cards for my financial accounts so I understand.

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Yeah, I think people get hung up on debit vs ATM, and often mix the use of the terms, when in reality, there is no standard term for cards.

If you card has a Visa or Mastercard logo, you should have no problem, depending on limits your own bank has, If no MC/Visa logo, then it is dependent on the networks your card uses. The major ones, Star and Pulse, are widely supported, if you have something else, then do a little more digging.

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I believe the issue here is the difference in the old definition between "ATM" and "Debit" card". First there was the ATM card - it was used to take cash from ATMs. Then there was introduced the Debit card, which not only takes cash from your account at ATMs but also used as cash for transactions, debiting your account directly. I suspect there are no more old-fashioned ATM cards. If your card has a chip on it and the word "Debit", it is a debit card and can be used for anything, including tap and pay if the sound waves are shown next to the chip.