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unfortunately this is true, certain parts of the north side are having problems with gangs of youths, hangover from covid and working from home, dublin is 100% safe but just avoid talbot street area after 8 or 9

can happen anywhere and i hope the poor man makes a swift recovery

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So, sad. However, I think we need to consider our safety wherever we travel and follow the State Dept's advice. As a female, solo traveler I am always careful where I go, especially at night. I also wear my money belt and I try not to dress such that it screams tourist, although the locals probably know I am immediately. I follow these same safety procedures in the U.S., too.

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The alert was issued due to “a number of recent incidents reported in Irish media.”

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Just wondering why you say Talbot Street specifically? Going to Dublin for the first time on RS tour in Sept., and our hotel we reserved before the tour starts is near Talbot St.

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Talbot street is we’re the attack took place, to be honest I would stay closer to trinity college or near Stephens green , the problems are closer to the north inner city and down around Pearse street

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Unfortunately, it's a good reminder to be very careful after dark and always be aware of your surroundings. I know people like to think that Europe is safer but I always use the same precautions as I do at home in a big city in US. Crime is up in every country after Covid lockdowns and ignoring the issue won't make it go away. Be suspect of any stranger who wants to chat you up especially if you are alone.

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People seem to let their guard down when traveling. You are aware of your surroundings and know enough to be cautious when home but then you go traveling and common sense sometimes goes out the windows.

Concerned , wishing the man from NYC the best. Glad that you reminded us.

I am sad and concerned that this is happening in Dublin, Ireland.

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I'm considering Staycity apartment city centre at Little St Mary street for our vacation next summer. Is this area okay?
We are family of 3. We don't plan to venture out late night


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We (mother/adult daughter) stayed at that hotel and felt perfectly safe. Mind you, this was in October before the recent events, but we walked back from O'Connell St around 10/11pm on two nights and we were fine. We kept our wits about us, and stayed alert, but felt safer there at night than in some neighborhoods here at home.


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We were in Dublin last week; we did walk to the Cobblestone in the evening, seemed like neighborhoods change kind of quickly ? We opted to take a taxi back to the hotel..
Heard about the state dept statement on our way back in the taxi...

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I've removed a number of posts here. Arguments are to be kept off our boards at all times. This thread is being locked.