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US-DUB-CDG Airport process

My sister and I are flying EI to CDG (currently booked for late April with a wary eye on Covid, so no need to lecture or bring any of that up).

I'm a little unsure, in a 'normal' world, what the process at Dublin would be (security, passport, etc) - both inbound and outbound. We are on 1 ticket, with checked luggage.

So upon arrival from the US, headed to CDG, is there anything will we will have to do, other than finding our gate?

It's my understanding that for return to the US, we get off the plane, have to go thru security again, then US Pre clearance (where we identify our checked bag on video), then another security check - is this also correct? Also, are we able to avail ourselves of shopping before we get to Pre Clearance (yes, i'm looking at a buying an inexpensive bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream on the way home).

The Dublin airport's not entirely clear - and while I know there are connection ambassadors, I prefer to overplan and not just go with the flow entirely :)


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What’s EI? An airline? A departure city? An airport?

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Also, are we able to avail ourselves of shopping before we get to Pre Clearance (yes, i'm looking at a buying an inexpensive bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream on the way home).

If you are transferring to another flight in the US the bottle may be a problem at security. Research it or be prepared to chug it.

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You will go through passport control as you it will be your 'arrival'
in the Schengen zone.

Ireland is not part of the Schengen area.

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Regarding your return to the US via Dublin. You are correct. You will go through US pre-clearance. Here’s the Dublin airport connection website: Here’s a somewhat helpful flow chart:

I have not changed planes in Dublin going from the US to a Schengen country. But I believe you would stay airside and follow the signs for transfers. It’s immediately before the passport control line.

Edit to add: there is a small duty free shop after US pre clearance. It has alcohol, but I don’t know whether that includes Baileys. There are numerous larger duty free shops before pre clearance but if your schedule is tight I wouldn’t dawdle at the big shops and head straight for pre clearance.

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Yeah, I saw that flow chart, helps somewhat.
I have no problem doing the airport's Click & collect or Shop & Collect - and if either allowed me to pick up post US Preclearance, that would be PERFECT!

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I don't believe Ship & Collect or Click & Collect are available if traveling to the US -- the Dublin airport website indicates that these services are only available if flying within the EU (see the Terms & Conditions section).

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Times may have changed for the EI flight to Europe. I don't really remember what happened going over, but the return flight had a 22 hour lay over in Dublin. Yeah, 22 hours.

We thought we could get a meal at the Grave Digger's Pub in Glasnevin, on the north side of Dublin, Sleep at a B&B, and then fly home. Don't count on it. Flight was delayed for hours, then getting a taxi from the airport was a way over an hour wait. Most bungled airport taxi system in the world, I guess. But we did manage to get an "Irish" meal just before they closed at Kennedy's Pub and a pint or two of that black drink of theirs.

wayne iNWI

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We did exactly what you're planning: flight on EI from the USA to CDG with change of planes in Dublin without leaving the airport. all on one ticket, luggage checked through to Paris. As I recall, we didn't have any passport control or other checks in Dublin and there was a shopping area where we bought some postcards and were able to get stamps and put them in the mail. We also bought newspapers and coffee (it was early morning, our USA flight being a redeye). The key was to stay "airside" by following the signs for connecting flights.

Returning to the USA, yes you have to go through USA Preclearance in Dublin (or Shannon, for that matter). It takes about 30 minutes extra; could be more if there are many people in line ahead of you. It is not optional. You can't choose to skip it and go through immigration in the USA instead.

I defer to others about the shopping and Bailey's question.