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Updated Itinerary Check for October 2014


So after some fair amount of research I have come up with the following itinerary. I was wondering if this is doable via car, or if I should cut out something:

10/7 - Land in Dublin - Stay
10/8 - Dublin
10/9 - Pick up car at Dublin Airport Drive to Clifden and stay there for the night
10/10 - Drive around Connemara and then head to Galway to spend the nigh
10/11 - Galway
10/12 - Galway -> Doolin via Kilfenora to see the Burren
10/13 - Doolin -> Dingle (I may cut this out as I am doing the Beara later)
10/14 - Dingle -> Killarney
10/15 - Killarney -> Castletownbere (Beara)
10/16 - Castletownbere -> Kinsale
10/17 - Kinsale -> Kilkenny via Cashel
10/18 - Kilkenny -> Dublin via Wicklows
10/19 - Dublin
10/20 - Flight out sadly

I tried to minimize the long drives other than the first from Dublin to Clifden and maybe the Dingle routes so that I could do leisurely strolling drives. I have booked the rooms for Dublin Leg 1, Clifden and Galway; so really most interested in everything after that.

Any and all feedback most welcome!

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Have you checked your driving times on a website like (and added about 25% to their time estimates to get a better answer)? It seems you have at least a two hour drive (some days even longer) every day of your trip. When will you have time to actually see anything in any of these towns? Driving in Ireland can be very slow, challenging in some places, and extremely tiring, even if you love to drive. I live in the middle of Illinois, roughly two hours from Chicago, two and a half from St Louis, and three from Indianapolis. Your itinerary is roughly the same as driving to one of those three cities every day for thirteen days! In the end, you will remember nothing but the road and the inside of your car. Dingle deserves more than a drive by, so I would definitely cut that from this trip. It's out of the way from everything else you have planned. I know it's tempting to try to do everything, but speaking as someone who has been there four times and hasn't yet had enough, you will enjoy yourself more if you limit your locations and plan to go back.

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I just came back from a guided tour. Many of the roads are incredibly slow going. Don't underestimate the driving time. On the other hand, the scenery was so lovely I could have just looked at it for even more hours.

Warning about drinking and driving. It's tempting to have a pint or two at lunch. The legal limit for blood alcohol in Ireland is .05% as compared with the U.S. .08%.

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we did Ireland in October a few years ago.....less tourists, limited hours at some tourist sites....and even cooler, damper days. it was a beautiful experience.....but take some fleece, something to cover your head, and light gloves.

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thanks chani and doric8 for the advice!

doric8: glad to hear that october was a good decision. i am originally from the seattle area, so those kind of autumn days sound like exactly my cup of tea :)