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Troubles tour Belfast

What is the best Troubles tour of Belfast where you have two guides who were prisoners for each side and let you see all the sites whether murals, neighborhoods, peace walls, gaols, etc?


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Being from Northern Ireland i actually hate these troubles tours it gives visitors the impression we all as Northern Ireland people live divided lives when 95% of NI people have friends from both communities my point being is that if you visit these neighbourhoods bear in mind not everyone in NI lives like this, a mile or so down the road in wealthy south belfast people of both communities live side by side in peace and harmony the difference being is the falls and shankill roads are working class and have social issues were the Malone road is rich and upper class and has money my own street has protestants and catholics on it I am protestant and my friends are catholic, so please take this all into mind when visiting these streets

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I really enjoyed Crumlin Gaol in Belfast. Not a guided tour or specific to the Troubles necessarily, but very well done and really shows some of the history. Quite sobering.