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Travel prospects

This is sort of a depressing subject, but I'm curious to hear other's opinions.

Tourism to Ireland seems especially sensitive to social-distancing, etc. since so much of the attraction for many is the music and the people. There are, of course, fascinating sights that would be interesting in a complete vacuum.

Although I'm currently planning a fourth trip to Ireland (and second to Scotland) for June 2021, and I won't cancel my plans until next winter (which is the earliest I can get reservations, anyway), I'm wondering what things might be like. The NY Times has a very long article in today's paper outlining the potential long term oscillation of quarantines, etc. as we try to re-open for business too quickly, lasting potentially for years, depending on vaccine or treatment availability and effectiveness.

The rosy scenario of everything returning to normal in June seems unlikely. On the other hand, if things remain just "odd", we might find bargain airfare, reduced B&B and food prices, and reduced traffic. Might be great if you were headed to the beach or to see the pyramids, but not so great for cultural immersion.

One thing for certain, I wouldn't make non-refundable reservations! Troubling times...

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Most tourism business in Europe is from other Europeans, not Americans. If Europeans can’t travel abroad, they will be staying within Europe, so there is no reason to suspect that B & B prices will be lower, as demand may not be reduced. Many people in Europe are desperate to travel as soon as it’s safe and this will be within Europe. My plans for India next January have been shelved and the Canary Islands is the likely alternative, if we get away at all.

Food prices in the U.K. are increasing significantly at present as there is a shortage of eastern Europeans that usually pick the crops and social distancing measures have altered how people shop and how the supermarkets can restock their shelves and their distribution systems.

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I'm not sure the prospects for travel within Europe are much different than the US, other than being quicker to react to changes.. Thanks for the gentle slap on my being a little US-centric - it's in our DNA ;-)

After decades of having no money, to more decades of having no time, to now having both before health becomes a factor, it's very frustrating to live in these times.

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I listened to a recent podcast panel discussion on Travatical (formerly The Expat Chat) on this subject. Podcast name is Panel Discussion 1: The Future of Travel in a Post Covid World. Some very interesting comments about how travel will look in the future. They discuss things like the future of cruising, international vs. domestic travel, air travel and a lot of other topics. Definitely interesting and hopeful for the most part (except for the big ship cruising). Here's the link to the website page that includes the YouTube video link. Note: there's some audio issues with one of the panelists, but hang in there. I think it's worth the listen.