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transport from Galway to Belfast

Any suggestions on how to get from Galway to Belfast? We will not have a car. Is there a bus that goes from Galway to Belfast, or should I take a train from Galway to Dublin ... and then another train from Dublin up to Belfast?
All suggestions appreciated! Thanks!

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I used the train, I don’t recall a bus that did the trip, but it’s been a few years so that may have changed. The bus, if there is one, is likely to take longer. There wasn’t much of a wait time when I transferred in Dublin, in fact I almost missed the train to Belfast.

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Train from Galway to Dublin with Irish rail to heuston station then take the luas (a tram ) across the city to Connolly station this is where the Belfast train departs from the enterprise it is a joint cross border service operated by Iarnod Eireann (Irish rail) and Northern Ireland railways because you're going from Ireland to Northern Ireland you book with if you were going the other way around you book on the NI public transport provider who run all buses and trains in Northern Ireland remember Northern Ireland is a constituent country of the United Kingdom and it's a completely different country to Ireland so we don't use euros we use pounds like the rest of the UK there is an ATM at lanyon place station where the enterprise terminates to get pounds

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There are direct buses from Galway to Dublin Airport, check out
There are then direct buses from the airport to Belfast using either Translink (stopping services) or Aircoach (non-stop). Going via the airport should prove faster as it avoids having to travel into Dublin.

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Hi - take a bus it is dependable. While we would have liked to take a train they are having many issues and their website is inaccurate. We are in Ireland now so this is current information.

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Would Cape Cod like to elaborate- the Irish Rail website mirrors the published paper timetables of Irish Rail, and no other complaints have been heard that those paper timetables are not correct.
Having "a lot of issues" is delightfully vague and is not reflected either on their website or on their social media.
You would have thought that if Irish people themselves were having problems with their own railway, the social media would reflect that.
Yes there is engineering work going on, but that is part and parcel of running a railway. Like on any railway you need to be conversant with planned engineering work- leading to diversions or bus replacements.
That isn't a mystery, it is all there on the IR website.
On most routes except Cork the main selling point of the bus/coach is greater frequency, and the avoidance of cross city transfers in Dublin, plus 24 hour service. Those cross city transfers are easy on LUAS, it is more of an inconvenience.