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Train and car

We will arrive in Dublin and want to take the train down near Cork and use as a base for 3 days. I was thinking we could rent a car there for a day or two and take side trips. The whole reason for not renting a car in Dublin are the narrow roads, traffic and low rock walls on side of roads. Are the areas around cork a
and even further south near Kinsale and Clonakilty that the same issues would come up?

Thanks so much

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Probably yes to the narrow roads and rock walls, maybe more so than around Dublin. But traffic will be lighter. Your train-then-car plan makes sense to me.

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As has been mentioned, you're not going to encounter narrow roads, rock walls, etc. until you get onto some of the rural roads in the countryside (the L and R roads on the map), and even then it's really no big deal ... even for a relative novice driving on the left for the first time. The locals drive those roads every day and are well versed in the rules of the road that keep traffic running smoothly. I was initially concerned about the prospect of meeting opposing traffic along a single lane track (one of the L roads) until I did it a couple of times and realized that the other guy had already pulled over to let me pass. Really ... no big deal.
Renting your car at Dublin airport will probably be cheaper and would allow you to drive the Old Military Road thru the Wicklow mountains down to Glendalough on your way south. It's a very pretty drive indeed.