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Trad music, weather, and trip timing

My husband and I are deciding when to visit Ireland for about two weeks, sometime between Aug and Nov. We're most interested in traditional music, small villages, and pubs. For example, I was in Doolin many years ago, and loved it.
My questions-
We've heard music dries up after Sept, even small town impromptu sessions- is this true?

I see that there's a music festival in Ennis in Nov, which we'd love to go to, unless there won't be much music anywhere else by then.
Weather is a concern too, but we might just be able to live with that if all else pans out reasonably well.
Your thoughts and suggestions would be so appreciated!

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That's correct. Trad sessions are typically held in most towns and villages, especially in the West, between June and September.

The weather? Expect rain, though light and intermittent. Period.

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In July/Aug, you can usually find pub music somewhere in most towns. My experience in June (and I'd assume it applies to Sept) is that you see a lot of sandwich boards on the sidewalk saying "nightly music after Jul 1", and that's in larger towns like Kenmare, Ennis, Clonakilty. Most medium sized towns usually have music at least one night a week all winter - musicians play for themselves as well as tourists! The struggle is to search the websites and facebook to figure out which bar on which day and then juggle your itinerary. Although the data is a little stale, good leads can be found at

Don't overlook the day length has you move into winter.

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Thanks very much to the two responses so far. Taking it all to heart…signed up on the Sessions site, which indeed has some really old posts, but I can see that it has great suggestions to check out once we’re there.

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Dingle.and Doolin both have traid.sessions almost.year round. Been to both in October, November, March and April and enjoyed music each time. To me September is best time to visit of your choices.

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When we were in Ireland in 2010 it was in October. The An Pucan pub in Galway had traditional music the night we were there.