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Timing to see the best flora and fauna

My daughter and I saw Ireland years ago in early April. A wonderful trip but the countryside was nearly bare with no blooms. We are planning to go again in 2022, but would like to see Ireland in bloom as much as I can. Our travel plans look like May, June or September 2022. I know May and September might be less expensive - any insight on whether May is still too early? Thank you!

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I would go with September. We don't have that much experience with Ireland but our May trips to France, Germany and Switzerland etc. were both disappointments compared to September. Late June is not bad for the flora but the heat and crowds are not fun.

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Ireland is quite different from Germany, France snd Switzerland because of its position, completely surrounded by ocean which has an effect on the climate—-more moderate than interior land but wetter as well.

I celebrated my 50th birthday in May with a 2–week trip to Ireland some years ago. At that time, May was reputed to be a less rainy month than others, and that was the case for us. We had warm ( but not hot) sunny weather all but 2 days of the trip. Those two we cloudy with sprinkles—/ the “soft” rain for which Ireland is famous.

The landscape was a glorious green everywhere, as far as I recall. But I was not seeking flowers in bloom on that trip, so do not know if they were there or not.. For that, perhaps June would be better? I doubt it could get unpleasantly hot there but recent records would tell the tale.

Most wildflowers are gone by September——or are you thinking of gardens?

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May would be my suggestion too, maybe extending into early June so you can time your visit before schools in the US get out for the summer and the tourist floodgates open.
We generally found the countryside to be a riot of color with everything blooming and, per Lola, the rains were soft and transient, ie it’s a beautiful time of year to be there.