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Thanksgiving 2024 in Dingle area

Brainstorming on this trip.

Wondered what the weather is like in Dingle and if there is enough open for tourists for the two of us.

Reading up on driving in Ireland- definitely renting an automatic, and thinking about the flight to Dublin, overnight then perhaps train or bus west to Galway, overnight and renting car there.

perhaps flying back from Shannon airport.

Any thoughts and help with weather?

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You are asking about predicting weather in 2024?

IMHO Eire is best seen by renting a car. I’ve driven the island ( Ireland/Northern Ireland) twice. Once in my 40’s. Once in my 60’s. Never used a bus or ridden a train there. Many things were closed in November. I didn’t care.

Flights were into Dublin and Belfast, and out of Shannon.

November is my preferred travel month. Dress in layers and wear a waterproof rain coat.

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By late November in the West of Ireland you can count on short days (sunrise around 8:30 AM - dark by 5 PM), cold temperatures (around 55 during the day and 45 at night), the high probability of drizzly, rainy days, and the possibility of any sunshine will be pretty low. There's a reason why most people go there during the summer months after all.
That said, you can still make a go of it if you're prepared for the prevailing weather conditions... just like the locals
A Goretex outer layer will be your friend, as will a good pair of waterproof boots if you plan to go much off the beaten path or do any hiking. The tourist shops will be shut down for the off-season, but most of the area attractions are out of doors anyway so heading out between the passing rain showers will give you plenty to see and do in and around the peninsula. Settling into a convivial pub in the evenings for a pint or two, next to a warming fire, enjoying some traditional music with the local residents will probably make for some of your best memories that time of year. The Irish are a chatty bunch so be prepared to get sociable - especially once they hear your accent.
Suggest finding a place in the town - within walking or stumbling distance of the pubs - in order to preclude any possibility of running afoul of the very strict Irish drink-driving laws.

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You may also want to see what may be closed. November is off season in Dingle and some restaurants and hotels close for the season. Considering you are planning a trip two years away, it is impossible to know what will be open or closed then. Perhaps a year from now.

Remember, Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Ireland.

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Thank you to all that have posted info for me. Now I know to buy Goretex for my wife and I.