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My 15 year old son is going to Ireland with me. Can anyone suggest some things that might interest him? Any sports games are laying in September? Also, can anyone suggest good places to shop for authentic Irish souvenirs?

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For those of you about to ask where in the country the OP is going to, this from a previous post:

I have 7 days in September. We are staying in Adare and landing in
Dublin. Top things we should see? We will have a rental car.
Suggestions appreciated!

Aside from sports, what interests him? This also isn't just HIS trip: what interests you? What do YOU intend to do/see on this trip? It's possible that, with some advance preparation, he might find those same things interesting as well.

Your teenager is likely reasonably adept at working the internet. Why not set him to the task of finding some things he'd like to see within a reasonable drive?

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We were just in Ireland this July with our 16 and 18 yo teens. One of the things we did that the kids loved was a Hawk Walk. We did ours through Ashford Castle but when researching there are a few others as well. They thought it was so cool to walk around with a big ol' bird of prey on their arm!