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St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, Like a Local (2019)

I'll be traveling with my university to Dublin over spring break, which coincides with St. Patrick's Day... I've heard that Dublin can be crazy in their celebrations like we have in the US, but I've also heard that they don't go "all green" for lack of a better word, haha. I want to celebrate the day as much like a local as I can, but still be fun and festive. Has anyone ever visited Dublin during St. Patrick's Day and would have any tips or tricks? Specifically would love to know if green/shamrock accessories are too touristy or if a little bit of green here and there would be "more local". Thanks!

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When we were in Ireland on St. Pats, no locals were wearing green rather a clump of live shamrocks would be pinned to their coat’s collar. An American tourist decked out in commercial green was made fun of.

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Not really answering your question, but our son turns 21 on St. Patrick's day this year. Sadly, he's in Scotland, studying for a semester at the University of Edinburgh. Classic missed opportunity.

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All of my friends that are in Ireland say St Pat day is a day they spend with family and relax. I suspect it is just tourists that party.

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Up until fairly recently, St. Patrick's day in Ireland was nothing like in the U.S. No parades or drinking parties. It was a religious holiday that was a family day, nothing more.

In the same sense that expat Andalusians brought a procession (parade) on Good Friday to Barcelona - when they didn't otherwise have any Semana Santa festivities - American-like partying has been imported to Dublin for St. Patrick's day.

If you are in Dublin and wear something more common to our St. Patrick's Day garb, I expect the locals will find it interesting and amusing (laughing with you rather than at you).