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Skellig Michael vs. Great Basket Island hike

We only have time to squeeze one of these trips into our trip in May and can’t decide which to do. Tickets out to Skellig Michael are still available for our dates. Rick Steves guidebook highly recommends both. Any input on which to choose would be very appreciated.

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I don’t know about the Great Basket hike, but Skellig Michael was definitely an amazing trip.
However, even if you purchase tickets in advance, there is no guarantee that you will go, as it all depends on the sea conditions which is determined close to departure.

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I assume you mean Great Blasket Island? Never been to Skellig Michael, but we had a great 1/2 day on The Great Blasket Island. We had a similar experience with the weather. We got to our Dingle B&B and they told us don't delay and go right now as weather was coming in latter. We had a rental and drove to the boat docking point. I remember the seals swimming offshore from Blasket and sea against the outlying rocks. It led me to read An Old Woman’s Reflections by Peig Sayers. On some flights to the US from Germany, I catch Blasket Island out the window far below.

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Yes---sorry about the typo! I did mean Great Blasket Island. I appreciate the information. We are traveling early enough in the season, and with limited time in area, that we decided not to book and risk being cancelled. Will hike Great Blasket and save Skellig Michael for another trip.

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We're headed to Blasket in May only because we were on Skellig our previous trip. It's my understanding about 30% of the Skellig trips get cancelled. I expect Blasket trips also face cancellation as well. The short trip from Dunquin might be most reliable.

All that said, I'd pick Skellig, especially in May when the puffins are on stage. The beehives are cool, but its the puffins that are memorable.