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Site for accurate drive times in Ireland

I have read that one should add 25% to the drive time estimated by google when driving in Ireland.
Is there a site that people use that better predicts ETA than google?



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I have always heard that Viamichelin is more accurate, but I usually just round up Google a bit to account for getting turned around, parking, etc.

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Not just in Ireland, Google's estimated driving times are in general very optimistic.

Via michelin is much better and can also estimate the cost.

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I look at mileage between locations and unless I’ll be on an interstate type road, I assume I won’t be driving more than 70kph, slower if going through mountains. I use street view to get an idea of the type roads I’ll be driving on. Excluding wrong turns, unexpected construction, and comfort stops, I’ve found Google’s drive times to be fairly accurate. Google and Viamichelin don’t account for things like that.

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70km per hour may be a bit optimistic, especially in rural ireland and definitely in towns. 40kmph may be a more realistic estimate...