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single traveler

I am a single person 60 years old, are your tours set up for the single traveler?

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Welcome to the RS forum! This is a peer to peer platform with some input at times from RS staff (mostly to keep us in line when we get frisky, lol).

I, too, am a solo traveler most of the time and have done 12 RS tours, 8 of them as a solo. I was quite comfortable and felt the groups are very welcoming to those that are on their own.

I always get the single supplement as I want a private room - I'm way too old to room with someone I don't know. Come to think of it, I'm too old to room with someone I DO know, lol.

Rick's tours have some independent time so it's always worthwhile to do some planning for those times so you can see what sounds interesting to you.

I also recommend you arrive at least 1 day before the tour starts to allow for travel delays. I actually go in up to a week ahead depending on the destination. I try to stay at the tour hotel if there are vacancies and if it's not too expensive. It's just easier for me not to have to move around.

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I ditto everything Pam said. I have taken 8 tours as a single person also. Arriving at least a couple days ahead of time is key. Have you traveled to Europe or anywhere over seas before? What tours are you considering?

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Welcome Scott. Ditto to what Pam said. I'm taking my second solo RS tour in June which is my third RS tour. I arrive at least three days before and stay a week or so afterwards (retirement has its perks.)

As a solo traveler, I found the tours very inclusive. I don't think I ate one meal alone, except breakfast since I really like my morning quiet time. During free time I would wander off on my own. If someone wants to visit somewhere with me fine, but I'm OK by myself. Be flexible, you may want to spend free time with them. I learned on my first tour with my sister-in-law to plan free time instead of winging it for a more rewarding experience.

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I have traveled as a couple and as a solo on the RS tours. They are a great option for either! When I did the RS solo, I chose to just be paired up with a roommate for that one. It worked very well. It was a tour with one hotel the whole week, so I had the same roommate the entire time. If you are doing a tour that moves to different cities, you will be rearranged with all of the other solo travelers of the same gender for pairing up in hotel rooms. But, as Pam mentioned, if you pay for the single supplement, you will have your own room during the entire tour. I’m taking the Best of the Adriatic tour this year as a solo traveler, and I paid for the single supplement.

The tour groups I’ve been in have always been very friendly with the other people in the group. Once you’re in the initial meet-up group event the first evening, be sure to be outgoing & approachable. If you have some ideas of something fun to do during a free afternoon, usually someone else would like to join you, if you’re interested in including more people.

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I have done a number of RS tours as a single woman, and agree with what has been said by others above.
I have found RS tours the best for solo women of the companies I have used.