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Rural buses

If one is standing on the road as a bus approaches, can you signal for a pickup? Similarly, can you ask the driver to "let me off right here"? I'm asking specifically about Bus 962 from Donegal to Galway, but a general answer would be fine.
I expect to be staying about half-way between two rural stops (a 50 minute walk to both).

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No, buses generally won't pick people up or drop them between stops unless the driver is in an extremely generous mood. Sorry to disappoint you.

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A lot depends. I've found that rural bus services are a lot happier to do this than urban ones - especially dropping off. - if you talk nicely to the driver. I wouldn't guarantee them stopping though...

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I would contact the operator, Bus Feda, to establish the correct position with regard to their specific policies-

In the UK such a rural service would stop anywhere on request, advertised stop or not- but I can't speak for Ireland.