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RS Best of Ireland tour Day 2 The Historic Heart of Dublin Itinerary

I was wondering what you see on day 2 for the Historic Heart of Dublin on the RS Best of Ireland tour? Trying to figure out what to skip on the RS. Audio Europe app Dublin City Walk Pt. 1 and PT 2 (the RS Ireland 2020 book has 24 sites for PT 1 & PT2 on app has 10 stops, book 8 stops)?

Dublin City Walk 1: South Bank.

Dublin City Walk 2: O'Connell Street

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Although it’s been a few years since I did Best of Ireland, based on that trip and the other RS tours each guide may have his/her own route. It may also depend if something special is going on that they want to either include or avoid.

It will also depend somewhat on where the group is staying.

In looking at your links we did most of the 2nd one and on the first one probably most of the upper part but none south of The Trinity College area.

If you have time do plan to go to the Museum of Archeology - I thought it was wonderful. I also enjoyed the Chester Beatty Library. It has a very good collection plus it was a heat wave when I was there and it was air conditioned, lol!!

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You may want to consider getting theater tickets. We got tickets to the Abbey. There are several renowned theaters in Dublin, and I can’t imagine passing up the opportunity. We also booked The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl and had a great time. You’ll visit some landmark pubs, learn about some famous Irish authors, and be entertained by the talented actors leading the crawl.

Dublin - The friendly city

I have just a lovely holiday in Ireland. I spent 4 days in Dublin City and visited the Guinness Brewery and the *Jameson Whiskey** Distillery* - both well worth the visit - however, we did feel that the Jameson Distillery was more professionally presented. Dublin is easy to get around, clean, friendly & safe. There are 25 major attractions in Dublin so it is wise to see all you want the lst day then Hop Off the 2nd at the ones you wish to spend time at. It is a great way to hear Irish music and understand the history behind it. I would highly recommend Dublin car Rental agency Dooley Car Rentals for getting around and seeing all the attractions of which there are many.