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Rock of Cashel - Two Plans


We will be in Ireland in from July 7-13. I am trying to condense down a suggested itinerary from a 7 day plan to a 5 1/2 day plan. I was pretty interested in seeing the Rock of Cashel, but it is kind of out of the way of the rest of our plans. Which of the following plans would be best. I am traveling with my husband, daughter (9) and family friend. We are planning to rent a car.

Also, as a note because of the way things worked out, we will be in Dublin on June 15-16 also (long story). So we will be spending more the 1 day in Dublin.

Itinerary #1:

July 7 - Arrive in Dublin at 3.45
July 8 - Dublin
July 9 - Rock of Cashel (Stay somewhere between there and Cork).
July 10 - Blarney Castle (Daughter's birthday and her #1 in Ireland), Killarney National Park, Stay near there (Tralee??)
July 11 - Cliffs of Moher - Stay near there
July 12 - Head back to Dublin
July 13 - Leave for Home


Itinerary #2
July 7 - Arrive in Dublin
July 8 - Dublin
July 9 - Cliffs of Moher
July 10 - Killnary National Park, Blarney Castle, Stay in Cork
July 11 - Waterford, Glendalough, Stay near Kilkenny
July 12 - Head back to Dublin by way of Wicklow
July 13 - Leave for home

Thanks for any input. I probably am trying for too much, but we aren't really museum people. So we don't spend large amounts of time inside places. I feel like we will see some beautiful views while driving, so I can't decide if we are doing too much movement.

Any way, any thoughts are appreciated.

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