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Ring of Kerry v. Dingle Peninsula

My family and I are traveling to Ireland in mid-October, and we're weighing whether to drive the Ring of Kerry or the Dingle Peninsula. We have limited time, so we'll only be able to do both. Opinions as to how they compare? Thanks very much!

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Where are you starting from and where do you want to end and how much time do you have?? Have been to both several times but to answer you i think we need more information.

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We did both drives during our visit and they both are great. I was driving all of the time so I took a break for tours of both Dingle and the RofK. My favorite ws with Paul Brown for a full day tour of RofK. We also did a half day hired tour of the Dingle Peninsula that was great, Denis Ryan was out guide. The half day tour set us up to drive on our own back to spots on the Dingle Pen. that we really enjoyed or found most my pref would be to do a half day tour with Denis and then plan a second drive of the peninsula based on what you enjoy on the private tour. We enjoyed our stay in Dingle a bit more than our stay in Kenmare although both B&B's were great. You can not go wrong either way and our day long tour with Paul Brown on the RofK was the highlight of our trip, mainly seeing the west coast.

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If you plan to drive one Ring or the other. Ring of Kerry outshines Dingle by a mile. I had been to Kerry on a previous visit so went out of my way to see Dingle this May. It was a disappointment. The drive around Dingle isn't that interesting.

If you plan on sights, most of the sights on Dingle aren't actual sights; they're "reconstructions" and charge admission. I liked the oratories and the 12th century church, but there are more, better and less crowded (because most people just drive without stopping) sights on Kerry.

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We enjoyed the beauty of both, but the ROK has the cliffs where Dingle does not. Each are beautiful! Will you be seeing other cliffs on your trip? If not, then maybe ROK.