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Return flight customs - Ireland and/or Canada and/or U.S.?

Currently the best airfares on the return from Dublin to Denver are with a change in Toronto (both flights on Air Canada). Would anyone know with relative certainty if we would need to go through customs in Dublin and/or Toronto, and/or Denver? Ideally we would want to avoid going through customs in the city where we would catch our connecting flight. Flights from Dublin to Denver with a change in a U.S. airport (Newark) are currently about $100 more per person. If we take the Dublin-Newark-Denver flights would we avoid going through customs in Newark? Thanks.

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Flights to the US go through immigration in Dublin. I have not come back through Canada, so I don't know about Canadian flights.

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You will need to go through customs and immigration in Toronto, for sure on the return from Ireland. This has to do with the fact that flights to the US from YYZ have a pre-clearance procedure.

Also, any carry-on duty-free liquor will need to be put in your checked bag before taking your connecting flight from Toronto on the return - liquids restriction will apply at security in Toronto.

Also BEWARE: Air Canada is operating their flights to Ireland from/to Toronto using their 'Rouge' service planes. This 'Rouge' super-economy service has narrower seats and limited legroom.

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Hmmmm......I guess I will give yet another answer. If you are starting out in Dublin, you will go through security obviously to get into the airport and you will likely do an exit immigration step, essentially documenting that you are leaving Ireland and the Common Travel Area. You usually also have to do additional security at your gate to board a US bound flight, I can not say that you will, since you will be Canada bound.

Arriving in Canada, my take is that you will not do any immigration (or customs) since you will be in transit to another country, not technically entering Canada. You may have to go through security, but pretty much on to your gate in the international terminal.

Arriving in Denver you will head into international arrivals, claim your bags, go through immigration, hit customs, then based on Denver's terminal setup probably out the door. (In some older terminals with no separate International terminal exit, you may have to recheck your bags, go through security, then reclaim your bags in domestic baggage claim)

If you were to do Dublin-Newark-Denver...stay with me here....Dublin would be the same, but....

Arriving in Newark you would claim your bags, go through immigration, then Customs, then recheck your bags, go through security, then onto your connecting gate.

In Denver, you arrive on a domestic flight, so go claim any bags and leave.

It really though is not as bad or confusing as this sounds.

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Sorry Paul ,you are wrong about immigration to US from Ireland through Newark. If you leave either from shannon or Dublin you clear customs there and do not have to do so in Newark. Can't tell about coming from Canada though.

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To correct Paul, YYZ is one of many Canadian cities that has a U.S. customs & immigration pre-clearance border post to go through before getting on a flight to the U.S.. This pre-clearance is for every passenger.

Some international flights from the E.U. to the U.S. have to go through both the Canada Border Services Agency and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency line-ups.

Through YYZ, not all flights require going through the Canadian authorities (T1 arrivals do not have to).

However, * all * passengers connecting to flights bound for the U.S. are required to clear U.S. customs & immigration before boarding their flight. When the U.S.-bound flight lands, i.e. in Denver, it is then considered a domestic arrival.

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Ireland a.k.a Dublin International Airport and Shannon International Airport are the only places in the WORLD where you go through US immigrations/customs and get your US entry stamp before you get on your airplane to the United States. If you are headed to any other country before arriving in the United States you will not be going through this part of the airport. It is a totally different wing of the airport, all workers are US citizens there and it is also considered US soil. I was just there this past November bring my Irish boyfriend home with me to the States.

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Abu Dhabi, Aruba, Bahamas and Bermuda also have US preclearance facilities.

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Look at it this way -if you have already cleared Customs/immigration en route, then when you get to Denver you can be picked up/go home immediately on walking off the plane (save for time collecting checked bags)