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renting a car for the day in Dublin

During our upcoming trip to Dublin, we'd like to rent a car just for the day in Dublin (traveling to drive to Glendalough with a stop along the way). We are staying at the Dylan Hotel. Ideally pick up relatively early, return late afternoon. Any suggestions on where to rent? I am fine driving a standard transmission. One additional factor is that the day in question is a Sunday, in case that makes a difference.

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There's a Hertz office on Haddington Rd. about a 5 minute walk from your hotel that we've used in the past while staying in the area. Their weekend hours are a bit restrictive ... not opening until 9 and closing early at 4 PM on Sunday.
I'd suggest getting as early a start as you can reasonably manage in order to arrive at Glendalough well before the visitor center opens (and the tour buses start to arrive) at 9:30 - you'll have the place all to yourselves since the monastic site itself never closes.
In order to do that you'd need to pick up your car the afternoon before and park it overnight at or near your hotel.
The Old Military Road south from Dublin (R115 on the map) is a very pretty way to go. It winds its way thru the Wicklow Mountains with lots of photo opportunities along the way.
Another option would be to collect your vehicle from one of the airport concessions early Sunday morning (they open around 5:30) but that takes you well out of your way.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Excellent recommendation by the previous responder. It is a hassle and probably will be expensive to park overnight. But that way you have the car and can be ready to go in the predawn darkness. Glendalough without tour buses makes the trip worth it.

Make sure to map out exactly how you will exit and reenter the city. You will be on the opposite side to what you are accustomed. If you don't drive a manual, book well in advance. Automatics traditionally get much worse MPG than a manual that all over Europe they drove manuals becasue of high petro prices caused by taxes. Then again, they have a health care system..

Odds are you will be charged for a 24 hour period with the car regardless.


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Thank you for these replies.

For reasons I won't bore you with, can't manage to get to Glendalough early. So, wonder about doing the opposite - visiting late. Any thoughts about what time it becomes less busy?

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Arriving later in the afternoon will work too. The last of the tour buses usually departs around 4:30 PM when the visitor center closes. Since summer days are quite long you'll still have plenty of daylight to enjoy the place on your own and still be back in Dublin before it gets dark.
Be aware that the bathrooms are located inside the visitor center.

Time and interest permitting, you might consider a stop in the village of Glencree - a short detour off the R115. There you'll find a German War Cemetery containing the remains of WWI and WWII German POW's (Luftwaffe and submariners mostly). We thought it an extremely evocative place in a beautiful setting. There's a short pathway that leads up a nearby stream that's quite pretty though it can be a bit muddy after a rain. Can Google it to see if it might be of interest.