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Rental Car Size Advice

For our budget we were looking at the smallest cars.
We travel light 1 Patagonia backpack/suitcase each.
At the same time, we are both tall people 5'9"/179 centimers & 6'1"/185 centimers.
Here are some options:
Small : Economy (Example: Toyota Aygo 2 door
Small : Economy (Example: Opel Corsa
Medium : Compact (Example: Ford Focus
Any advice on which car has good pep vs leg room?

Lastly, we have both driven stick years ago, any extra advice on getting automatic?

Thank you in advance!!!

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Your stuff will fit in any.

So will you. You won't bump your head. You can push the seats back.

Any will have enough pep unless you both weigh a ton. Even if you do, you don't need much pep where you're going.

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I decide on which class of car I want and then rent the cheapest car within that class. When you reserve, you are only reserving for the class of car and rarely get the model. So why pay more than you need to?

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Renting a car is not like buying one. If you walk out on the lot and find that the one you've been given won't do for some reason, walk back in and ask for a change.

Everybody's in competition for your business. You might get something better for the same price as the original or you might have to cough up a bit more, but it won't be more than what you'd originally considered. Chances are it's going to be the former since the dude/dudette is watching you look at the next counter. He/she knows that if you go over there, they're going to match or beat his/her deal. Of course, if you've prepaid, you've axed you options for working with the other guy.

Remember that in either the RoI or NI, your credit card won't cover the cdw so the total cost is going to be about double what the base cost is. Going big first can get expensive.

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Yesterday went to Irish Car Rentals, and Dooley Rental Cars to look at rates.

There all so many "options of insurance" - what is your advice on what is needed?

1. Collision Damage Insurance (CDW): We understand, we get this insurance, since we will charged for it anyway.

2. Super Damage Waiver Insurance (SDW): If you opt for CDW cover, you may also wish to purchase an additional protection. SDW reduces your excess liability to EURO 0 for a charge of EURO 17.03 to EURO 19.30 per day depending on the vehicle class. Tyre damage is not covered for car class PDAR.
Is this the Zero deductible mentioned in an eariler question in forum?

3. Windscreen Cover (WINDINS): If you opt for CDW cover and decide not to reduce the overall excess you may wish to purchase windscreen cover as the windscreen, wing mirrors and glass are the items most often damaged. This insurance covers all of the above and can be purchased at a cost of EURO 5.00 per day on all vehicles.

4. Theft Loss Insurance: This insurance option limits your financial liability for loss or theft of the Irish Car Rentals vehicle, its parts and accessories, provided the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. If Theft is not included in the rate you have chosen it is available locally at EURO 7.00 to EURO 9.00 per day depending on the vehicle class.

5. Personal Benefits Membership (PBM): is available for EURO 6.00 per day on all vehicles. This insurance covers the driver for personal injuries or fatality up to the sum of EURO 31,750.

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Our accountant won't authorize staff to pay for Super CDW, since it's a relatively high proportion of money to pay to insure a deductible value of about $1,000. See also Rick's CDW advice. Since I do drive a manual transmission car, and I have usually found the second-cheapest car to cost only a few dollars per day more than the very cheapest, I book the second-cheapest. If you want automatic, book the smallest automatic. The rental office may still "upgrade" you to a larger car (with no extra charge) if that's all they have. Bigger cars are harder to maneuver in some tight lanes and parking spots.

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I do take the Super CDW because then I don't have to worry about it. I have had bad experiences with inadequate insurance before and don't want to take that risk again. It may be a bit pricey (or not), but I just consider it part of the price of the trip and let it go. I do take the smallest car I can manage with. On my most recent trip, my grown son and I had a little Opel. It was an automatic that also could be manually shifted.