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Recommendations on what to see

Planned a trip to Ireland Dec 27-Jan4. We are flying into and out of Dublin. We are planning on being in Dublin for the latter half of the trip and were looking for recommendations on that to go see on the first few days we get there. We plan on renting a car to sight see.

Debating on Ring of Kerry or making a loop from Dublin to Donegal to see Slieve league - Sligo - Galway and back to Dublin. Would probably plan on the first four days to do one or the other. Which do you recommend? Thanks for your comments

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Have you bought and read the RS Ireland Guidebook? Easy enough to do.

Weather will be a defining factor in determining your itinerary.

Not knowing your interests rather difficult to advise what you should do and see.

History? Art? Architecture? Foodie? Beaches? Mountains? Sheep?

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I haven't been there in winter but I'm sure it will be cold and wet, with short days. I'd suggest sticking to the cities. From Dublin Airport you can get a bus direct to Belfast, about two hours, then spend a few days there. Then return to Dublin by bus or train for the rest of your time.

There's also bus service from Dublin Airport to Galway on the west coast, a good base for driving to scenic places like the Cliffs of Moher and Connemarra. You could rent the car in Galway and return it there, taking a bus or train back to Dublin for the last days of the trip. A car in Dublin would be a liability.

Some research with a guidebook (RS, Lonely Planet, or another) would give you lots of ideas for things to see and do that fit your interests. Here's a good starting point.

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Recommend not.driving on arrival day. Could you flip your agenda and sight see Dublin first then rent a car? as said it will be dark.early so p!an on touring early in the day. it was suggested going to Belfast first then renting car there for a few days returning it to Belfast, train back to Dublin to finish up trip if you can't flip the days.

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Check out opening times for any attractions - you may find some are closed during Christmas and New year. Also Jan 1st is a public holiday and nearly everywhere will be shut. Check out accommodation too as again places may be shut then.

Be prepared for short days At the end of December sun rise in Dublin is around 8.40am and sun set around 4.15pm. On cloudy overcast days it takes longer to get light and will seem to get darker quicker as well.