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Recommendations for short car trip from Kilkenny to west coast and returning to Dublin

Arriving in Dublin, midday, on Friday in Sept and departing Ireland from Dublin midday, 8 days later. Two adults in 60's and two adults aged 26 are traveling together. Staying 3 nights in Kilkenny B&B and will go into Dublin from Kilkenny.
Thought of renting car in Kilkenny rather than the airport since we have to adjust to driving in Ireland. Would then drive to Cork on Mon. and then to Dingle, then sleep in Dingle for two nights (Mon. & Tues.), Then drive to Doolin for 1 night (Wed.). Thinking of seeing the Aran Island of Irishmore so wondering if should sleep in Kilronan on the island or just stay in Galway (Thursday) and go for a day trip to the Islands, The 26 year old has Galway on his list of places to see but could reach Aran Island via Galway.
Would want to sleep in Dublin on Friday before leaving for Dublin airport on Saturday. One complication is that one of party members cannot sit for long periods of time (about 3 hours max) so trying to break up the driving time.
Any suggestions?

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IMO you've got too much crammed into too few days. I'm also puzzled by "will go into Dublin from Kilkenny," implying that KIlkenny comes at the end of your trip, before your flight home -- vs. "thought of renting car in Kilkenny," implying that Kilkenny comes at the beginning of your trip, before Cork and Dingle. Kilkenny is rather centrally located, but not that central.

If Galway is a must-see, consider going directly to Galway from Dublin since public transportation between the two cities is quick & readily available and this would enable you to avoid driving while jetlagged. Next day you could rent your car from Galway and proceed south along the southwest coast for the next six nights, then up via Kilkenny to return your car in Dublin.

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Why Cork? If Galway is on the list, scrap Cork and put an extra night into Galway. Drive from Kilkenny to Dingle for two nights (which gives a full day to explore Dingle peninsula.) I assume Doolin is for the pub music scene? Spend two nights in Galway which gives you the day you need for the Aran Islands trip.

Even so this is a pretty intensive itinerary. Don't underestimate how lomng it will take to drive in Ireland. Distances may not look big on a map but will take longer to cover than you might expect. Ireland is a country to SLOW DOWN AND ENJOY!!

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Trip is a little complicated. Husband and I will arrive at Dublin airport on a Tues. Booked 2 nights in Howth to have quiet, restful time.
We will spend 3rd night in Swords, near the airport to meet son and his friend on Friday at midday. Was initially planning on renting car at airport but considering Kilkenny. We booked 3 nighst in quiet B&B in Kilkenny so all can have privacy at reasonable price, Train goes into Dublin from Kilkenny. Expensive to stay in double in quiet place with privacy. Reason we were going to Cork was to visit town of ancestors but not essential.
As I mentioned, I have a back problem and cannot sit for long periods of time so trying to break up trip.
Looking forward to staying 2 nights in Dingle and hope to see the Cliffs of Moher while driving north from Dingle. It is not essential to stay in Doolin but was trying to break up the sitting time.
Could stay in Galway for 2 nights and drive car to Dublin and spend Friday night in Dublin. Would like to see the largest Aran Island, weather permitting, Son leaves for airport on Sat. for 12:30pm flight. My husband and I will stay till Tuesday at midday, leaving out of Dublin airport.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions!!!