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Question re: Dingle to Kinsale via Cork airport (for car return)

HEllo again! I have a question about a particular leg of our 10-day R. of I. trip (Itinerary posted on Jan 22). We will be renting a car, but I am shooting to do that for only the parts of the trip for which it is really needed. For the second half of our 10-day trip, we will be driving from Dingle to Kinsale, where we will spend 2 nights, followed by the train from Cork to Dublin for 3 days before the flight home to Philadelphia. My original plan had been to park the car at our inn in Kinsale, returning it to the Cork airport when we leave for Dublin two days later, which will be a Saturday. BUT, I have been thinking - I don't really need the car for our stay in Kinsale. Why don't I turn in the car at the Cork airport on our way into Kinsale, and have that done with. We would then need a cab or bus into Kinsale, and then a cab or bus up to the Cork train station two days later. Why pay for a car to just sit parked in Kinsale for two days. (Particularly since there appears to be a huge premium to return a car on Saturday - hundreds of dollars.)
So, the basic question is - is it a reasonable course of action to drive from Dingle to the Cork airport, ditch the rental car, and then be on the ground in Kinsale by say, mid or late afternoon? Thanks as always for any comments.