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Question about hiring a driver for an 8-day trip

Hi folks,

I have a friend visiting from the states that's in the middle of finishing treatment for a serious illness.

She normally drives when she visits Ireland, but she can't operate a car at the moment and doesn't think that she will have the strength to navigate public transport, carry bags, etc.

I've googled, asked in forums on Facebook and sent out a few texts to friends, but I can't for the life of me get any idea of prices for her.

She's here for 8 days in October and is looking to get a drive for 6 of them (2 days in Galway, 3 in Kerry and one in Kildare or Dublin).

If any of you have any experience or advice that you could share it would be much appreciated.



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Have you called the TI office? I would think they could give you some ideas. Alternatively, you can contact Derek Smith of Beautiful Meath tours, Lisa Tully (an RS guide) put me in touch with him for a day tour that I've arranged for late August. Although I haven't taken the tour yet he's been very responsive and helpful.