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Private tour guide etiquette

We are doing a private day tour around the Dingle Peninsula & other nearby areas. We will be on the tour from about 10am until 4 or 5pm. At some point my friend & I will need lunch, I’m more than happy to take our guides’s recommendation on where to eat but should we offer to buy him lunch? What if we stop in a pub for a Guinness, is it ok to buy him one? Tipping was covered in another question so I have a good feel for that but I don’t know what to do about lunch or pub stops.

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I can't say what the accepted local etiquette may be there, only what we have done on our own private tours. We always ask if our guide would like to join us for our meal, but they usually politely decline. And I don't blame them. They probably relish the thought of a few minutes to rest after being "on duty" for several hours. They usually find a table to themselves, or just as often join a table with (I assume) other guides or friends. On the rare occasion that they have joined us, we have paid for their lunch. However we have never offered an alcoholic drink, nor has one ever ordered one. This is a work day for them. And if they are also doing the driving, then an alcoholic drink would be totally inappropriate.

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For me depends on the tipping aspect , normally I would pay for lunch , if at that point you think tour guide is doing a good job .