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Pay as you go phone purchase

Just found out our cell phones will not work in Ireland. Can anyone advise if there is a place to purchase a pay as you go phone at the airport? If not, best place. Also, which company? Thanks for your help.

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Which airport are you flying into? You will see cellphone stores all over, and they all have PAYG phones available. If you can't get one at the airport, you can as soon as you get into town.

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Thank you for the information. We are flying in to Dublin.

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Not at airport but Argos would be worth a look, I'd expect an unlocked phone to be €20ish.
The larger Tescos sell phones and thier tarrifs are ok too
The 3. Phone network is likely to offer best tarrif..but typically shops have a range of SIMS to choose from.
Feels like anywhere with a till does the vouchers for adding credit.
The big four, often sell locked phones for less than €10 but the call rate isn't great.That said the worst rate is likely to be only 1/3 of the american carriers best offers for calls within country,calls to US would need checking.
Worse PAYG rates are 20p a min.
A €15 prepaid month deal from the big 4 should give 150mins and some data,often free txt.
Unlocked phones are much better value,as you can avoid PAYG

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