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Overnight layover

I am traveling from the US to Spain. I have a 20 hour layover in Dublin. I plan to leave the airport, explore the city and stay at a hotel, and then head back to the airport the next morning for my connecting flight to Spain. I don't think I will check a bag but if I had to, how does it work? Anyone have experience with this type of long layovers?

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Wow, a long layover, indeed! Is this something like, arrive in Dublin at noon, and fly out at 8:00 the next morning? I haven’t had any such layover (long ones, where I checked into a pod hotel at the airport for a long nap and shower), but not 20 hours.

If you checked a bag, it sounds like you’d turn your suitcase over to the airline when you left home, and would collect it once you arrived in Spain - as long as your flights were all on one ticket. If so, I’d have toiletries, personal items, and a change of underwear in a separate bag that I’d carry on, and have with me during the Dublin time.

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Check lodging rates for the night you'll need to be sure they aren't off the charts. I believe Dublin isn't cheap in any case, but we had a post a few years ago from someone with a layover like yours who was facing hotel rates around $500 or more. It seemed there was some very-big-deal concert going on that evening, and it had a really significant impact on room availability and rates.

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I too have a long layover in Dublin on my way to Edinburgh this summer. We arrive about 11 a.m. and fly out at 6 a.m. the next day. I'm happy to take a little peak into Dublin, but hotels near airport are very pricey, almost makes me want to sleep in the airport! Any suggestions?

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We spent one night at the Premier Inn near the Dublin airport in late August last year. I chose them because they had a shuttle and the price wasn’t too bad. I booked directly with them. I don’t know your date so couldn’t check it for you. In your situation you only have two choices, get a hotel or sleep at the airport.