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Old Midleton Distillery?

Rick recommends the Old Midleton Whiskey Distillery but I can't find it on-line. Only the Jameson Distillery is showing up for Old Midleton town. Has the Old Midleton Whiskey Distillery closed? Or been taken over by Jameson?

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We’ll be in Cork in a few weeks. Rick’s 2018 book (I’m getting a more recent edition shortly) refers to the Old Midleton Distillery experience, but my research says that was shut in 1975, when a new distillery was built next door. The new plant (now undergoing upgrading while whiskey production continues) now makes several brands and styles, including Middleton Whiskey, with Jameson being the flagship variety.

So you’ve probably been to the official Website, but there’s even more information from the site.

For more than 25 years now, the Jameson/Midleton company has been owned by the Pernod Ricard corporation, so worldwide consolidation is affecting the Irish whiskey industry, too.