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where to stop from Dublin to Dingle

Hi! We will be traveling to Ireland in October to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. I've read the Rick Steves 2017 book probably three times, lol. And I have done a lot of research online.
I am kind of stuck on our itinerary. We will be there for seven nights and I want to fly into Dublin and out of Shannon.
I was thinking something along these lines....
Fly into Dublin, get rental and drive to Wicklow, and see Glendalough. Then drive to Kilkenny. Spend two nights in Kilkenny so we can tour around Waterford area and Kilkenny. Then I am stuck... We are spending two nights in Dingle and then want to spend the night in Shannon on night 7 to make it easier.
So do we stay one night in Dublin? Drive from Kilkenny to Limerick and spend the night there to break up the drive to Dingle? Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. I don't like the idea of spending each night in a different place. We want to see things, but not run ourselves ragged.
Thank you kindly!

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We want to see some ancient ruins like in Glendalough.
Do the slea head drive, horseback riding in dingle, see some castles, Cliffs of Moher. My husband wants to see some Viking museums etc in Waterford.
If we do Dublin we want to see the Book of Kells and the Kilmainham Gaol.
I have somewhat limited mobility so we won't be doing any serious hiking.

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Just drive straight through. There is a motorway all the way from Dublin to beyond Limerick. You'll fly down. There is nothing to see anyway, with the possible exception of Moneygall, County Offaly - the ancestral home-place of Barack Obama. You can get a Supermacs at the Barack Obama Plaza, or partake in that most Irish of sandwiches - the breakfast roll.

Seriously though, enjoy the good road when you have it. Stop in Adare, once you've passed Limerick. Although geographically closer to Dingle than Dublin, it is actually about halfway to Dingle as from there on in you'll be dealing with the infamous roads in Kerry.

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I would for sure spend some time in Dublin and would pre-book tickets to Kilmainham and the Book of Kells.
1 night in Kilkenny was more than enough for us. On the way out of Kilkenny, I would stop at the Rock of Cashel.

I know many say to skip it but we love the Ring of Kerry and would highly recommend it. If you are interested, I would send the night in Killarney. They have Ross Castle, and Muckross house that may be of interest. There really isn't much in Limerick id I would not bother with it.
With 7 nights and everything you have n your list, it is really hard to stay 2 nights in places.

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Okay we will bypass Limerick for sure. So here's what I am thinking
Day 1. Arrive in Dublin visit a few sites. Sleep in Dublin
Day 2. Pick up car and drive to Wicklow mountains and visit Glenadlough then drive to Kilkenny and spend the night.
Day 3. Explore Waterford and Kilkenny and stay the night in Kilkenny
Day 4. Drive to see the Rock cashed then drive to Killarney and stay the night
Day 5. Visit Killarney national forest with horse carriage (jaunty) then drive to Dingle and spend the night.
Day 6. Explore Dingle area and spend the night.
Day 7. Slea head drive and cliffs of moher. Drive to Shannon and spend the night.
Day 8 go home from Shannon.

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Kenmare would be a possible alternative to Killarney; it's smaller and not as touristy.

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I'd drop your night in Killarney and add it to Dingle.

It's an easy drive to Killarney from Dingle and in route stop and explore the Gap Of Dunloe.

Killarney National park is wonderful. Enjoy.

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And when you are driving north to Cliffs take the ferry at Tarbert.. don't have to drive around the River of Shannon... and stay in Kenmare... but see Muckross House and Torc Falls ( just to the side of the car park at Muckross House.
Actually the Waterford Factory was interesting....